History and Background

Trinity College of Bible and Technology is a ministry of Trinity World Ministries (TWM), whose founder is the Rev. Jeremiah Harris and Mother Mabel Harris. Trinity World Ministries was founded to awaken in all people a love for Christ, a passion for righteousness, and consciousness of duty to God.  The vision for the college was given to Rev. Harris to equip Christians with knowledge, skills, and abilities to function in this 21st century of technology.  Rev. Harris invited Rev. Dr. Levi Williams, a family friend who had extensive training and experience in college teaching and administration, to spearhead the process.  In 2017, at the National Board Meeting, Rev. Dr. Williams was appointed President of the College and in 2018, he began the process of preparing the constitution and bylaws, the catalog, constructing for the website, among others.


Trinity College of Bible and Technology was founded as a Christian institution of higher learning to prepare women and men for various Christian ministries through sound biblical and Christ-centered theological education as well as relevant courses in technology to equip students for relevant service in the 21st century and beyond.


Rooted in the Christian faith, Trinity College of Bible and Technology educates committed and motivated students in biblical and technological knowledge for personal empowerment and social transformation locally and globally.


Trinity College of Bible and Technology offers balanced education for the whole person for ministry and servant-leadership, focusing on holistic development through knowledge, skills, and abilities for effective ministry for spiritual and social change.


The core values of Trinity College of Bible and Technology are:

  • Commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian tradition in a Nondenominational way
  • Building a community of scholars who strive for academic honesty and moral worthiness.
  • Education that is relevant to communities and the world
  • Christian character
  • Professional excellence
  • Professional standards
  • Social justice and social transformation
  • Quality education of knowledge, skills, and abilities

Trinity College of Bible and Technology exists to

  • Trinity College of Bible and Technology exists to
  • Serve the Lord Jesus Christ in upholding His Gospel in faith, life and work
  • provide quality education in biblical knowledge and technological skills;
  • offer programs leading to certificate, diploma, and degree;
  • prepare students to become effective servant-leaders in various ministries;
  • facilitate the development of ministers of Christian character who will also be professionals;
  • create a community of believers who will worship and serve God together as a family;
  • stimulate creativity in students to explore innovative ways, often through technology, to reach the globe with the Gospel;
  • saturate the community with the Gospel;
  • empower dedicated ministers to transform the world

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Trinity College of Bible and Technology is registered as a nonprofit corporation with the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office. 
The College plans to pursue accreditation in the near future.

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